Wall Street Journal Coverage

IN 2001, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL’S IAN JOHNSON WON a Pulitzer Prize for 10 articles that uncovered the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Johnson detailed the brutal ramping up of the Chinese regime’s violence toward practitioners, as well as its propaganda campaign worldwide. A number of those articles are referenced below.

Since then, the Wall Street Journal has continued to publish news related to the persecution of Falun Gong for its business-focused readers. The Wall Street Journal, having printed continuously since 1889, is one of the top five largest newspapers in the United States.

Pulitzer Prize-winning series on Falun Gong

A Deadly Exercise – Practicing Falun Gong Was a Right, Ms. Chen Said, to Her Last Day

Falun Dafa Members File Suit Over Crackdown Against Group

Paper Chase – A Grieving Daughter Traces a Tortuous Path Seeking Justice in China

Death Trap – How One Chinese City Resorted to Atrocities To Control Falun Dafa

Click here to go to the Pulitzer Prize’s website to read all 10 of Ian Johnson’s Pulitzer-winning Wall Street Journal articles about Falun Gong.

Other notable articles from the Wall Street Journal

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