Civil Disobedience

For years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has classified any information about human rights abuses against people who practice Falun Gong as "state secrets," making it dangerous for anyone to investigate. Indeed, many who have were themselves victims of wrongful imprisonment and torture.

In the face of state-sanctioned brutality, Falun Gong practitioners and non-practitioners alike have responded with peaceful resistance in China. Practitioners in China have been particularly focused on the following initiatives to raise awareness about the persecution, debunk vilifying propaganda, rescue fellow believers and try to help other Chinese distance themselves from the CCP’s brutality.

According to analyses from independent researchers and the U.S. State Department, an estimated 7 million to 20 million people in China practice Falun Gong and actively engage in civil disobedience and grassroots awareness raising. This takes several forms, including: sending reports of rights abuses overseas, sharing information about Falun Gong within China, and exposing the persecutory crimes of the Chinese regime.

Key Civil Disobedience Initiatives

Falun Gong Diaspora

For more than two decades, Falun Gong communities and supporters in dozens of countries have mobilized efforts to expose the persecution in China. Those efforts continued in greater numbers over the past two years, and largely consist of: