Jane Dai Fadu Dai

Personal Accounts

The persecution of Falun Gong targeted 100 million people in China, and decimated countless families and communities across China. Below, we offer a glimpse into the human cost of this persecution with up-close and personal stories of those who were killed, those who survived, and those struggling to the freedom of others. These are their stories…

One Woman’s Nightmare

It’s hard to believe Ms. Yin Liping survived. Not only was she tortured to the verge of death several times while incarcerated in China, but she was also subjected to brutal sexual violence, forced to do hard labor, and injected with psychiatric drugs in toxic doses—a form of torture used routinely in China’s prison system, often with devastating, long-term effects.

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A Resolute Man

In the approach to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Mr. Yu Ming was bedridden in a hospital affiliated with the notorious Masanjia forced-labor camp after having suffered long-term, severe torture.

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Picking Up the Pieces

Before the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, the shy yet resilient Ms. Yifei Wang worked as a senior journalist for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She supported her parents’ practice of Falun Gong after it led to their recovery from long-term lung and kidney diseases that had often hospitalized them for long periods. They had become completely healthy for the first time in decades.

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A Daring Plea

When Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Sun Yi was incarcerated for two and a half years in China’s infamous Masanjia forced-labor camp, he began writing SOS letters about the desperate situation in the camp and hiding them inside the packaging of goods for export that he was made to work on.

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