Discourse about Falun Gong varies remarkably widely, so widely as to possibly be disorienting. If you’re apt to just conclude that the truth must lie “somewhere in between” the two common poles (positive and negative attributions), you owe it to yourself to read on.

This section examines in greater scrutiny five claims leveled by China’s state media apparatus under the direction of the Ministry of Propaganda (see links below). They are claims literally sculpted to confuse. According to an August, 2001, Washington Post report, “propaganda” is an expressly stated component of a three-pronged formula meant to destroy Falun Gong; torture and brainwashing are its other two ingredients.

What few in the West realize, however, is just how actively Party-engineered propaganda has been disseminated in the West, where it is meant to alienate Falun Gong and breed suspicions. The aim is to undermine would-be support for the persecuted group.

  1. “Controversial”?
  2. The “End of Days”?
  3. “Intolerant”?
  4. “Turning Political”?
  5. An “Evil Cult”?