Leaked CCP Documents Reveal Chinese Regime’s Global War on Falun Gong

A series of provincial and town-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) documents as well as speeches from CCP Central Committee officials detail the CCP's priority and strategy of maligning, silencing, and suppressing Falun Gong outside China, especially the United States.

“Developing nongovernmental resources, cultivating non-governmental forces in fighting xie jiao such as “Falun Gong,” and mobilizing China-friendly people such as experts, scholars, journalists, and overseas Chinese community leaders who have greater influence in the U.S. and Western countries to speak for us, and strive to make more foreign media to publish more reports favorable to us.” – From leaked 610 Office Documents

“Treat the countries and regions with serious ‘Falun Gong’ activities such as the United States as the main battlefield,” commands one directive. “Tightly focus on … the headquarter bases and foreign political figures, carefully organize the strategy to strike and divide them.”

The “headquarter” is an apparent reference to the Dragon Springs campus in upstate New York where Falun Gong practitioners have built a Buddhist-style temple and traditional Chinese culture education center.

The Falun Dafa Information Center has compiled key excerpts from these documents available for download here.

The Washington DC-based Human Rights Law Foundation published a report on CCP’s global war on Falun Gong, including analysis of these CCP documents, which is available to download here.