In the few years immediately after the Chinese Communist Party began the violent suppression of Falun Gong, BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes emerged as one of the more daring Western journalists. Hayes describes being followed, attacked, and interrogated for trying to cover a Falun Gong demonstration in his first piece on the topic, The Dark Side of China

Four years later, Hayes filed a ground-breaking report after visiting the No 1 Central Hospital in Tianjin to investigate allegations that the Chinese regime was killing Falun Gong practitioners for their vital organs. Officials assured Hayes that a matching liver could be available in three weeks. One hospital official said that the prisoners “volunteered” to give their organs as a “present to society”.

In 2018, the BBC produced a multi-part series delving into the who, what, where and how of China’s mysterious organ transplantation industry. Reporter Matthew Hill confronted Chinese officials and interviewed Falun Gong practitioners in an attempt to uncover the real source for organs in China.

BBC World News: China’s Questionable Organ Transplant Trade

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