Mother of Amy Yu

Amy Yu, a fashion designer in London, has not seen her parents since 2010. In 2016, Amy's parents attempted to visit her in London but Chinese authorities blocked them. After rejecting their passport and visa applications, her parents were told they would never become passport holders because of their faith in Falun Gong.

(Pictured above (L) is mother Meihong Wang and daughter Amy Yu in 1993. The background is the Chinese character “love”. This is one of the few photos that Amy was able to find after the police took all the family’s belongings. (R) is Amy Yu in 2013, she spoke on behalf of her parents’ at the Zhen Shan Ren Art exhibition in Yorkshire, England.)

Case Summary

Meihong Wang / 王楣泓 – Gender: Female, Born: 1958

Zhonghai Yu / 于宗海 – Gender: Male, Born: 1957

Current status: Wang was sentenced to 4 years in May 2021

Reason for Detention: In 2020, Meihong Wang was arrested twice for talking to people on the streets of Harbin City about Falun Gong.

Past Detentions: Her parents have spent a combined 29 years behind bars.

Mrs. Wang was detained from 2003-2014, during which police officers deprived her of sleep, forced her to work all day in extremely hot temperatures, mandated her to sit on a small stool for long periods of time, and deprived her of any freedom of movement and speech. Her right knee was permanently damaged because a prison guard and a felon in her cell dragged Wang down from her bed and beat her for meditating on her bed.

Yu was detained in 1999 and imprisoned from 2001-2016. Amy was also detained in a brainwashing center when she was in primary school.

Current location: Meihong Wang is currently incarcerated in Heilongjiang Women’s Prison.

Family Residence: London

Take Action

1. Contact Amy’s Representatives (London Borough of Camden)

MP Keir Starmer

Contact her borough councillers through the Councillor directory.

2. Share Amy’s Story on Social Media

3. Sign Amy‘s Petition on

Calling for the release of Meihong Wang, mother of UK resident, currently detained in China

4. Send an encouraging letter directly to Mrs. Meihong Wang

People who have survived Chinese prisons and escaped to the U.S. attest to the enormous difference it can make to hear from the outside world directly. It lifts the spirits of those wrongfully detained, and shocks local officials, making them wary of participating further in persecution.

You can send cards directly to Mrs. Meihong Wang to this address:

Heilongjiang Women’s Prison
南岗区学府路 387号 邮编:150069
Xuefu Road, Nangang District, 150069,