FAQ about Falun Gong and Other Groups

What is Falun Gong’s relationship to the Epoch Times newspaper or New Tang Dynasty TV?

None, strictly speaking. Falun Gong as an entity, which is represented by the Falun Dafa Information Center and Falun Dafa Associations, does not fund or staff or have an affiliation with either media. However, many who practice Falun Gong do work at these entities or volunteer their time with them. Many have expressed that they see in these two entities companies that dare to report honestly, and at times boldly, on events and concerns in China that others might shy away from for fear of economic or other repercussions. As such they consider them valuable and wish to contribute to their success.

What is Falun Gong’s connection to the Nine Commentaries publication?

Many adherents of Falun Gong see the Commentaries as a valuable source of information on China’s communist party, and believe that if more people could understand its past campaigns of suppression, brainwashing, etc., they would be able to see Falun Gong’s mistreatment in a broader context and, thus, be less susceptible to official state-run media claims. Many have thus shared the Commentaries with others. (report)