Retired Military Officer Dies in the Persecution of His Faith

A retired military officer passed away on September 1, 2020, after enduring two decades of persecution for his faith in Falun Gong. He was 92 years old.

Mr. Fu Yishuan joined the military in 1944 when he was only 15. He participated in the civil war and became a military officer in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, before he retired.

He struggled with many injuries incurred during the battles, and frequented the hospital. In 1995, he was introduced to Falun Gong, and his health gradually recovered after a period of practicing.

After the communist regime launched the persecution in 1999, the 610 Office in the military, an extralegal agency created to persecute Falun Gong, ordered Mr. Fu to renounce his faith, and subjected him to intensive brainwashing. As he refused to comply, the military gave him disciplinary punishment and frequently harassed him, leaving him unable to live a normal life.

In 2010, Mr. Fu was spotted distributing informational materials about Falun Gong through surveillance cameras. The police ransacked his home, forced him to undergo a brainwashing session, and ordered him to write statements renouncing Falun Gong. The mental pressure was so unbearable that Mr. Fu fainted and was resuscitated in the hospital.

Unable to live in the military assigned apartment any longer, Mr. Fu moved to a relative’s home to hide from the police, and was never able to return home before he died.

By a Minghui correspondent in China