Ms. Zhang Shuling, Heilongjiang

Name: Zhang Shuling (???)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Teacher
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 5, 2011
Date of Most Recent Release: Late July, 2011
Date of Death: July 30, 2011
Province: Heilongjiang
City: Suihua
Most Recent Place of Detention: Suihua Nongken Detention Center (???????)  

Case Details:  

Ms. Zhang’s mental and physical health deteriorated as a result of a three-year prison sentence illegally imposed on her from 2003 to 2006.   

Police raided Ms. Zhang Shuling’s home on July 5, 2011. They detained her and confiscated personal property including Falun Gong books and DVDs. Despite her poor health and her family’s demands to release her, police transferred her to the Nongken Detention Center on July 7, 2011. Her condition rapidly deteriorated, so then the Detention Center released her on bail.  

She died in Harbin Hospital shortly afterwards, on July 30, 2011. This was only 25 days after she had been taken into custody.