Ms. Xiao Sumin (???)

Xiao Sumin (???)

Xiao Sumin (???)

[Refer to point A on China map]

Status: Tortured to death

Gender: Female

Age: 46

City: Pingdu, Shandong province

Former Workplace: A vegetable oil factory in Pingdu city. Ms. Xiao lived in one of the factory’s family housing units.

Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 30, 2008

Date of Death: June 21, 2008

Location Detained: Pingdu City Detention Center

Known Acquaintances Overseas:  None


Xiao Sumin, 46, was arrested on May 30, 2008 by police officers from the Pingdu City 6-10 Office, along with Falun Gong adherent Ms. Sun Shujie. During the time the two women were held at the Pingdu City Petitions Office, their families were not allowed to visit them. According to sources, Ms. Xiao was subjected to torture for almost two weeks, after which she was taken in critical condition to Qingdao Haici Hospital. She never recovered and died within a month of her arrest, on June 21. Her body was immediately cremated and her ashes were taken to her home. She is survived by a young daughter. The whereabouts Ms. Sun, the woman arrested with her, remain unknown.

Sources inside China have relayed that she Ms. Xiao had been constantly monitored and harassed by public security officers over the nine years prior to her final arrest.

The following individuals are believed to have played a role in Ms. Xiao’s arrest and torture:

  • Domestic Security Division of Pingdu City Police Department: 86-532-88319300
  • Wang Xinyu (female): Pingdu City 6-10 Office chief: 86-1370-8973862 (Cell), 86-532-87007791
  • Dai Yugang (male), Pingdu City 6-10 Office chief: 86-532-87309201 Wang Hai (male), Pingdu City Detention Center director Dai Jinzhong (male), detention center guard
  • Shi Weibing (male), and Zhao Hongwu (male), Domestic Security Division leaders
  • Shi Huaguang (male), Pingdu City 6-10 Office agent
  • Zhang Hui (male) and Liu Jie (male), 6-10 Office agents and Domestic Security Division leaders

Additional Reference:

  • Falun Dafa Information Center: “46-year-old Woman Dies from Torture in Shandong Province,” July 29, 2008: /article/751/?cid=84