Ms. Gu Jianmin (???)

Gu Jianmin (???)

Gu Jianmin (???)

[Refer to point G on China map]

Status: Tortured to death

Gender: Female

Age: 53

City: Shanghai

Address: 13th Building-Apt. 601, 400 Lane, Yangguang-xincun Neighborhood, Qishan Street, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 1, 2008

Date of Death: March 13, 2008

Last Place Detained: Yangjing Police Station in Pudong New District, Shanghai

Known Acquaintances Overseas: None


Ms. Gu Jianmin was sent to a forced labor camp for one year in June 2006 for her activities to inform the public about the persecution of Falun Gong. Not long after her release, on March 1, 2008, officers from the Yangjing Police Station in Pudong New District arrested her again. They then tortured her until she died on March 13, 2008, the thirteenth day of her arrest.

On March 13, 2008, an agent of the Pudong New District 6-10 Office called Ms. Gu’s husband, saying that she was not well, and that he should come and process a medical parole. To get the parole, they forced her husband first go to the Pudong New District Police Department and the Neighborhood Administration to complete paperwork, including a retroactive arrest warrant.

When he finally got to Renji hospital, he found his wife on the floor of a back room. Her eyes were protruding and she was bleeding from the mouth, but no one was caring for her. Her husband knelt down in front of the doctors and begged them to save his wife. A doctor conducted a hasty attempt at a rescue, then he declared that she was dead.

Police and Hospital Contact Information:

Shanghai City Police Department: 86-21-24023456; Address: 185 Fuzhou Street, zip 200002

Pudong New District Police Department: 86-21-50614567, ext.-220X45448, or 86-21-5899099, fax: 86-21-58995516

Yangjing Police Station: 86-21-58520229

Pudong District Detention Center: 86-21-58953454: Address: 351 Huayi Street, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New District, zip 201203

Renji Hospital in Pudong New District:86-21-58752345, fax: 86-21-58395057, Address: 1630 Dongfang Street, Pudong New District, Shanghai City, zip 200127