Mr. Dai Zongqiu, 53, Shandong

Name: Dai Zongqiu (???/???)
: Male
Age: 53
: Xingan Street, Chengbei Village, Anqiu City
Date of Most Recent Arrest
: April 18, 2007
Date of Most Recent Release
: Late 2007, early 2008
Date of Death
: July 2011
: Shandong
: Weifang
Most Recent Place of Detention
: Shandong No.2 Forced Labor Camp (formerly Wangcun Forced Labor Camp) (

Case details:

Mr. Dai Zongqiu was arrested and tortured numerous times, most recently in April 2007. To avoid further mistreatment, he lived away from his family and home for nearly three years. Weakened and severely ill as a result, Mr. Dai passed away in July 2011.

After his home had been ransacked several times in 1999 and 2000, Mr. Dai was sentenced to three years at the Changle re-education through labor (RTL) camp. Because he did not give up his belief, the prison extended his sentence by five months.

In April 2007, Mr. Dai was sentenced without trial to forced labor for eighteen months. Severe physical abuse made him seriously ill and the damp released him on medical parole.

In November 2008, police ransacked his home, confiscating 800 yuan and attempted to arrest Mr. Dai. He managed to escape and lived the next nearly three years on the run, away from his family and home so as to avoid further persecution. Weakened and ill, Mr. Dai died in July 2011.