Minghui International: Special Edition

Falun Gong, and Why it Matters

Ask a China watcher what the five most critical factors to understanding China are and you will hear a range of responses. Economic growth. Rampant corruption. The gap between rich and poor. Communist Party infighting. And so on.

But in most cases, something will be missing from the analysis. Something 100-million-people big. Something that, once understood, can fundamentally change how we think about China and, as importantly, how we engage with it.

That something is Falun Gong.

The articles contained in Minghui International provide you with a unique insight into modern China, its impact on the rest of the world and the ways in which the Falun Gong story lies at the heart of the Middle Kingdom. The story is an incredible mix of beauty, terror, and hope. It is one that impacts and touches lives everywhere.

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Table of Contents

Making Sense of Today’s China
Why Falun Gong is the missing piece to the puzzle

Blood on Bo Xilai’s Hands
The Story Behind the Headlines

What You Should Know About Doing Business in China (but are never told)

Where Do Your Chopsticks Come From?

Think You’re Safe from the Hazards of Repression in China? Think Again.

Positively Well
How millions are finding abudnant health through Falun Gong

Cultivating Yourself
A portrait of the practice and history of Falun Gong reveals much not commonly seen in the headlines

Think You Know About Falun Gong? Think Again…
1. Self-immolation Hoax on Tiananmen Square
2. Peaceful Appeal Falsely Blamed for Persecution
3. Fabrications Allege Falun Gong is Responsible for 1,400 Deaths
4. Forcible Organ Harvesting From Falun Gong Prisoners of Conscience

Culture Bearers
By rekindling values of China’s past, Falun Gong offers new possibilities for being ‘Chinese’ in the 21st century

A Deeper Connection
For many in the West, Falun Gong is serving as a window into a bygone culture

Comrade Confucius?
While the Party rushes to exploit Chinese culture, the fact remains: it ain’t very Chinese

A Systematic Suppression of 100 Million People
How Falun Gong practitioners became China’s — if not the world’s — largest group of prisoners of conscience

Unlikely Heroes
In response to injustice in China, ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things — on both sides of the Pacific