Falun Gong Doctor’s Kneecaps Broken, Beaten to Death

By  Minghui.org | Aug 02, 2020

Police beat a female doctor of internal medicine until she can't walk and attempt to bury her husband alive, all in the name of persecuting Falun Gong.

A 66-year-old physician and Falun Gong practitioner in Haining City, Heilongjiang Province was beaten to death by Communist authorities and died on July 2, 2020.

Ms. Wang Shukun

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual and meditation discipline also known as Falun Dafa, since 1999.

Ms. Wang Shukun was a doctor of internal medicine at Hailin Town Hospital in Hailin City. She hadn’t gone to work for months due to the coronavirus epidemic outbreak.

In late June 2020, she received a call from Han Yan, the Party secretary of the hospital, and was told that the president of the hospital, Chen Guangqun, was looking for her. Ms. Wang thought that the hospital was arranging for her to return to work.

When she got to the hospital, police officers from Hailin City No. 1 Police Station were waiting for her. The officers wanted to force her to write statements to renounce Falun Gong.

As reported by Minghui.org, when Ms. Wang refused to sign the statements, the police began to beat the 66-year-old woman in the hospital. They threatened that if she didn’t sign the statements, they would find others to forge the statements in her name.

While beating her, police also demanded that she sign statements that her husband, Mr. Yu Xioapeng, also practiced Falun Gong.

A surgeon at the same hospital, Mr. Yu Xioapeng had become a target for authorities by refusing to fabricate medical records as directed by the then-hospital president. He was fired 29 years ago for not falsifying the records, and has been petitioning the government ever since. He never practiced Falun Gong.

Since Ms. Wang refused to sign their statements, the police continued to beat her for several hours, until she had agonizing pain in her body and legs, and begged the officers to let her go.

The officers agreed, but threatened to find her again in a few days.

Ms. Wang had to crawl up the stairs to her apartment, where her husband noted she had bruises all over her body. She was soaked in sweat, and both her kneecaps were broken.

Suddenly, Ms. Wang was very dizzy and felt like throwing up. She suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in the afternoon on July 1, and passed away on July 2 at approximately 4:25 a.m. Her body was cremated on July 4.

After Ms. Wang’s death, the police continually harassed her husband and threatened that if he were to report her death to the Minghui website, they would come for him.

Police Attempt to Bury Husband Alive

Ms. Wang’s husband, Mr. Yu Xioapeng, used to work at Hailin City Hospital. Twenty-nine years ago, a patient who suffered injuries in his thigh died after an accident during anesthesia.

Ms. Wang’s husband was the physician on duty when the accident occurred. The hospital’s president, Luan Yuling, pressured him to falsify claims that the patient died from excessive bleeding due to injuries in his aorta.

When Ms. Wang’s husband refused to provide the false account, he was fired by the hospital. For the next 29 years, he repeatedly went to Beijing to appeal for his case.

So as to stop him from appealing, Hailin police continually tried to find reasons to arrest him.

According to Minghui.org, at one point Hailin police officers followed Ms. Wang’s husband to Beijing. They beat him into a coma. Thinking he was dead, they tried to bury him in a suburban area. During the burial, Ms. Wang’s husband suddenly woke up, startling the officers into running away.

Ms. Wang’s husband stated that after trying to bury him alive, the police had to come up with a new reason for coming after him him. Trying to get his wife to claim he practiced Falun Gong by beating her was their solution.

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