The claims presented on this website about the extent and severity of the persecution of the Falun Gong in China are admittedly striking.

Given the background of little media coverage throughout much of the persecution (analysis), extensive efforts by the Chinese communist regime to cover up the atrocities through international pressure (see international pressure section), and the challenges facing international organizations that wish to investigate allegations, its is understandable if the more critically minded might at first be skeptical.

As historical examples of contemporaneous international disbelief about the Holocaust or the Khmer Rouge slaughter in Cambodia demonstrate, even the worst of human atrocities are sometimes widely accepted as true only after the fact. It is our hope that this entire website and our news releases provide ample evidence that this persecution is, tragically, at least as real and shocking as claimed.

Below are some examples of currently available evidence:

  1. First-hand survivor accounts
  2. Defectors’ testimonies
  3. Photographic evidence
  4. Audiovisual evidence
  5. Leaked documents
  6. Speeches from top Communist Party officials
  7. Chinese media disclosures
  8. Independent human rights reports
  9. Investigative journalism articles

For a special page about evidence of organ harvesting from the Falun Gong click here (article).