Engineer Who Intercepted Chinese TV Broadcast Arrested Again After 13 Years in Prison

By  The Epoch Times | Aug 03, 2021

Lu Kaili and his wife, Sun Yan, in an undated image. (

Lu Kaili and his wife, Sun Yan, in an undated image. (

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“In 2018, Lu Kaili was released from a 13-year prison sentence a changed man. An accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, while years of torture at the hands of prison guards had weakened his entire body.

All this because in 2005, the former construction engineer helped hijack a Chinese cable television broadcast to play a documentary exposing the communist regime’s history of murder and deceit.

About a month ago, Lu’s wife Sun Yan came home in the evening to find that Lu, 57, had vanished.

According to multiple reports on, Lu went through severe torture at three prisons he was held at over the 13-year sentence.

Guards shocked him with high voltage electric batons until Lu’s body was covered in large burn scars. He was locked in a cell by himself and fed pig food for days on end. The muscles on his legs shriveled from being chained up long term. As part of the prison slave labor system, Lu worked on cornfields, quarries, and construction sites for long hours each day.

In one incident, Lu fell from a rooftop while working at a construction site in the early morning in August 2010. A day earlier, he had been shocked with electric batons for four hours straight.

After this, prison officials blocked reporters and Lu’s family from visiting him for 14 months.” 

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