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  1. Chinese Doctors: We’ve Got Falun Gong in Stock
    Organ Harvesting

Chinese Doctors: We’ve Got Falun Gong in Stock

Transcripts from recordings of conversations with Mainland Chinese Doctors

July 2, 2006 | 05:26 pm

Perhaps no evidence of the killings described herein is greater than the admissions of physicians in China’s own hospitals. The following are transcripts from conversations recorded during the Kilgour-Matas investigation by undercover researchers. 

June 8, 2006: Mishan City Detention Center, Heilongjiang province

M: Do you have Falun Gong [organ] suppliers? …
Mr. Li: We used to have, yes.
M: … what about now?
Mr. Li: … Yes.


M: Can we come to select, or you provide directly to us?
Mr. Li: We provide them to you.
M: What about the price?
Mr. Li: We discuss after you come.


M: How many [Falun Gong suppliers] under age 40 do you have?
Mr. Li: Quite a few.


M: Are they male or female?
Mr. Li: Male


M: Now, for … the male Falun Gong [prisoners], how many of them do you have?
Mr. Li: Seven, eight, we have [at least] five, six now.
M: Are they from countryside or from the city?
Mr. Li: Countryside.

March 16, 2006: Shanghai Jiaotong University Hospital’s Liver Transplant Center

M: I want to know how long [the patients] have to wait [for a liver transplant].
Dr. Dai: The supply of organs we have, we have every day. We do them every day.
M: We want fresh, alive ones.
Dr. Dai: They are all alive, all alive…
M: How many [liver transplants] have you done?
Dr. Dai: We have done 400 to 500 cases… Your major job is to come, prepare the money, enough money, and come.
M: How much is it?
Dr. Dai: If everything goes smoothly, it’s about RMB 150,000… RMB 200,000.
M: How long do I have to wait?
Dr. Dai: I need to check your blood type… If you come today, I may do it for you within one week.
M: I heard some come from those who practice Falun Gong, those who are very healthy.
Dr. Dai: Yes, we have. I can’t talk clearly to you over the phone.
M: If you can find me this type, I am coming very soon.
Dr. Dai: It’s ok. Please come.
M: … What is your last name?…
Dr. Dai: I’m Doctor Dai.

March 14, 2006: Zhengzhou Medical University Organ Transplant Centre in Henan Province
Dr. Wang: … For sure, [the organ] is healthy… If it’s not healthy, we won’t take it.
M: I’ve heard that those kidneys from Falun Gong practitioners are better. Do you have them?
Wang: Yes, yes, we pick all young and healthy kidneys…
M: That is the kind that practices this type of [Falun] Gong.
Wang: For this, you could rest assured. Sorry I can’t tell you much on the phone.
M: Do you get [them] out of town?
Wang: … We have local ones and out-of-town ones.
M: What is your last name?
Wang: Wang.

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