Beijing Branch Manager of French Company Seized for Believed Falun Gong Connection

NEW YORK, NY — The Falun Dafa Information Center is concerned for the safety of Beijing resident Ma Jian, following his seizure on March 13 by Beijing police. Ma, the branch manager of the Beijing office of PCM Pumps, was seized at the company’s office by six plainclothes police, sources indicate. According to one witness, Ma’s secretary, violence was used in Ma’s removal, and police proceeded to ransack the entire office. All business activity is said to have been stopped at the office following the abduction.

Ma practices Falun Gong, and is believed to have been singled out for his beliefs by China’s communist authorities; sources say that police had in hand a Falun Gong book belonging to Ma at the time of the incident. Mr. Alain Tong, President of the Falun Gong Association of France (where PCM is based), expressed on Monday concern that Ma may be subjected to torture or worse, given the “current reality of organ harvesting and rampant torture taking place in China.” (news) Company representatives have reportedly been told by Beijing authorities that it might be as long as three months before they are informed of what supposed grounds Ma is being held on. Ma’s wife, who resides in Montreal, Canada, has issued multiple calls for help in securing her husband’s safety and release.