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Senior Chinese Officials Defect from China

Why are an increasing number of Chinese offi cials risking everything to defect from a "rising" China? It looks as though China is rapidly becoming an economic superpower in Asia. China is modernizing and its people appear to be gaining more freedom in busi ness and on the Internet. It seems that if these trends continue, the Chinese people can look forward to a bright future. Yet, capable and well-educated Chinese offi cials are risking their lives and the welfare of their families to fl ee from China.


Confessions of a Chinese Consular Official

Former Senior Diplomat from China Testifies before Congress "I testify today regarding how the Chinese missions abroad, and specifically in Australia, carry out their policy of persecuting Falun Gong adherents. In each Chinese mission overseas there must be at least one official in charge of Falun Gong affairs. The head and the deputy head of the mission will be responsible for the Falun Gong affairs."

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