Yanqing Detention Center

Yanqing Detention Center is 13 miles away from the National Sliding Center being used during the Olympic, where the bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge events were held.

Yanqing County Detention Center is a county-level detention centre where local Falun Gong practitioners are temporarily held after arrest. Practitioners reported they were tied to chairs and force-fed through gastric tubes. Detention guards pried their mouths open with pliers to insert the tube and beat them.

On December 31, 2000, several thousand Falun Dafa practitioners went to appeal in Tiananmen Square and were arrested by Tiananmen Public Security. Some of the practitioners were detained here in Yanqing County and brutally tortured in an attempt to “transform” their faith through physical and mental abuse.

Featured Prisoners of Conscience

A female practitioner that was over seventy years old was detained here after being arrested in Tiananmen Square. Once she arrived, the elderly woman was forcefully dragged to the prison courtyard, where a guard punched and kicked her until she was bleeding all over. When she refused to give out her name and address, they used batons to hit her head and tasered her private parts. Her face became deformed from the beatings, her cheeks and lips were severely bludgeoned, her face had four huge blisters, and a large proportion of her body became black.

Mr. Wu Simin, age 63, was a Falun Gong practitioner lived in Yanqing County. He was also one of the practitioner who traveled to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. He was then escorted back by local police, and sent to Yanqing County Detention Center. He was beaten to the brink of death. He was sent to a hospital on January 5, 2001 and died on January 12. His body was covered with bruises.

Wu’s older brother told the authority-in-charge that he would sue them for murdering Wu, but the director scoffed, “Can you afford a lawsuit? You can’t win.”