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Freedom House-Forced extraction of organs

Forced extraction of organs from Falun Gong detainees for sale in transplant operations has occurred on a large scale and...
11-15-2019 | The Battle for China's Spirit, March 2017 |

Jiang Tianyong-I defended more than 20 cases

I defended more than 20 cases involving Falun Gong practitioners. Physical torture was quite common. After their arrest, they were...
11-15-2019 | Prominent Chinese human rights lawyer subsequently jailed in China |

Sarah Cook-After nearly 20 years of persecution

After nearly 20 years of persecution, Falun Gong survives in China: millions of Chinese still practice the discipline, including hundreds...
11-15-2019 | Senior Research Analyst for East Asia, Freedom House 2019 |

Amnesty International-Police strapped her

Police strapped her to an iron chair in a “brainwashing centre”, an arbitrary detention facility set up to get Falun...
11-15-2019 | Urgent Action for Ms. Chen Huixia, August 2017 |