Mr. Fan Dezhen (???)

Fan Dezhen (???)

Fan Dezhen (???)

[Refer to point B on China map]

Status: Tortured to death

Gender: Male

Age: 33

City: Huludao, Liaoning province

Former Workplace: Huludao City House Appliance Shopping Mall

Date of Most Recent Arrest: February 25, 2008

Date of Death: April 20, 2008

Last Place Detained: Suizhong County Detention Center

Known Acquaintances Overseas: None


Fan Dezhen and his wife were arrested along with nine other Falun Gong adherents on February 25, 2008. The arrest was reportedly headed by Suizhong County’s Security Division leader Li Changhua. Mr. Fan died around 7:00am on April 20, 2008, leaving behind his wife and their infant child.

Mr. Fan had previously endured three separate stints in detention. In 2001, after traveling to Beijing to protest against the government’s persecution of his faith, he was jailed at the Huludao labor camp for three years. Over that period, he was reportedly shocked with electric batons, beaten, shackled to a bed, and violently force-fed.

Mr. Fan was also taken into police custody in April 2004 while on his way to visiting another Falun Gong adherent. At that time, he was also held and abused at Huludao. After being released, he was arrested again in September 2005 while working on the second floor of the Huludao City House Appliance store and was once again tortured in the labor camp.