Liang Xin: “Falun Dafa Saved My Life”

An elderly woman recounts how life-threatening illnesses vanished within months of learning Falun Gong

When 61-year-old Liang Xin was diagnosed with having three malignant tumors in her abdomen, no one believed she had much longer to live. The rural Henan province woman had been hospitalized and diagnosed with an array of illnesses, and doctors told her it would be incurable. 

She resigned herself to her fate, accepting costly medical treatment only at the insistence of her daughter.  Her husband, believing that her days were numbered, treated Ms. Liang to her favorite meals and took her to the movies, while her neighbors came to bid her farewell.

It was then that Ms. Liang’s aunt told her about Falun Dafa. 

“I believed what she said immediately,” recalls Ms. Liang.  That night, she and her husband went to her aunt’s house where they were taught how to do Falun Dafa’s five meditative exercises and studied the teachings of the practice.

That night, Ms. Liang had the most peaceful sleep she could remember. 

“I slept very well that first night,” she says. “The next day I also slept well after I read Falun Gong’s teachings.  Prior to learning the practice, this was very rare.”

Ms. Liang began living by Falun Dafa’s principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. Almost immediately, as her outlook changed, her health problems began to disappear.

By the time she had read through most of Falun Gong’s main text, Zhuan Falun, she was able walk on her own – a task that was nearly impossible before.  Within a month, her clouded vision became clear. Today, after practicing Falun Dafa for just six months, Ms. Liang is free from the symptoms that had landed her in the hospital, and can perform all the housework with ease. 

Mirroring hundreds of other anecdotes from across China, Ms. Liang’s sudden recovery from life-threatening illness left her neighbors with a new perspective on Falun Gong.  After being told for years by the state-run media that the practice was sinister and harmful to society,  they saw one of their own get a new lease on life through its teachings. 

“Before,  some of the people in my village said they wouldn’t believe it if Falun Gong cured my illnesses.  But now that they’ve witnessed it first-hand,  no one dares to make comments like that anymore, and they all understand the benefits of Falun Gong.

“I feel more energetic than most young people. You would never know that I was close to death several months ago. This is all because Falun Dafa saved my life.”