German Musician Arrested in China

35-year-old Falun Gong practitioner arrested in China after family celebration of Chinese New Year

LONDON (EFGIC) – On February 8th 2003 Lin Wenrong, a 35 year old musician from Düsseldorf, Germany, was arrested in her hometown, Wuhan, because of her practice of Falun Gong.

Lin visited Wuhan to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival together with her family. After visiting her family she went to Beijing on her own, where she was arrested by the “610 Office”, a special police unit established just for the systematic persecution of Falun Gong in China. Lin now faces torture and brainwashing in Xiajiadian labour camp, in the city of Shiyan, Hubei province.

At the moment it’s uncertain how Mrs. Lin is being treated by the 610 Office. For several reasons, no further information about her current situation can be communicated abroad.

According to news reports from Wuhan, the Politburo and security officials have started new raids. Everyone who practices or has practiced Falun Gong has to write a ‘repentance letter’ or follow a so called ‘re-education class’. According to victims’ statements, participants of these ‘classes’ are often subjected to physical torture and brainwashing.

Global rescue efforts intensified

Mrs. Jin Cong, spokesperson for the International Rescue Team for Falun Gong practitioners in Toronto (, stated that the global efforts to rescue Falun Gong practitioners are being intensified. Especially now that Chinese practitioners outside of China are massively persecuted.

The European Falun Gong Information Centre has verified details of 581 deaths (reports / sources) since the persecution of Falun Gong in China began in 1999. Government officials inside China, however, report that the actual death toll is well over 1,600, while expert sources estimate that figure to be much higher. Hundreds of thousands have been detained, with more than 100,000 being sentenced to forced labor camps, typically without trial.