Falun Gong Fact Sheets

Up-to-date facts and analysis of key issues pertaining to Falun Gong, China and the impact of the persecution worldwide

When the Chinese Communist leadership launched a brutal and systematic persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual practice in 1999, they set in motion a series of events that have come to not only dominate the social, ecomonic and political landscape in China, but have far-reaching ramifications worldwide.

The following fact sheets distill the most vital issues that arise from the “Falun Gong issue” in China, providing key facts and analysis as to how, why and to what extent the fate of Falun Gong in China will determine the fate of Chinese society more broadly.

Fact Sheet Topics

(1) A Watershed Moment (pdfNEW
An analysis of the impact of the persecution campaign against Falun Gong in China.

(2) Change Inside China (pdfNEW
An analysis of how Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful resistance to persecution is reshaping China, with worldwide impact.

(3) Systematic Killings for Organs (pdf)
Organs forcibly harvested from Falun Gong prisoners of conscience.

(4) The Falun Gong Factor (pdf)
A key to understanding China’s recent political turmoil.

(5) Chinese Citizens’ Historic Petitions (pdf)
Villagers across China petition for release of Falun Gong practitioners.

(6) Latest Developments (pdfNEW
The latest developments inside China, and around the world.