Falun Gong Community Applauds Thai Decision to Allow Falun Gong to Officially Register

The Falun Dafa Information Center applauds the recent decision of the Thai Justice system to allow Falun Gong to legally register in the country.

Last week, Thailand’s Supreme Administrative Court overturned a 2006 decision by a lower court that barred the establishment of a Falun Dafa association on the grounds that such an organization could harm Thailand’s relationship with the Chinese government.

In its ruling, the Supreme Administrative Court found that concerns related to the bilateral relationship with China were premature and misplaced. The decision also cited the Thai constitution, which guarantees freedom of religious practice.

Although Falun Gong does not maintain a formal organizational structure or membership rosters, the decision will provide legal recognition for the group in Thailand and facilitate the holding of events and activities.

Falun Gong is practiced freely in over countries, and has received hundreds of awards and commendations for the benefits it has brought to communities worldwide.

Agents of the Chinese Communist Party have frequently employed misinformation and intimidation to undermine Falun Dafa outside China’s borders. This includes threatening foreign governments against supporting the practice or speaking out against its persecution in China.

Despite threats by the Chinese Communist Party, however, the establishment of Falun Dafa associations have not undermined host countries’ bilateral relationships with China.

Following the decision by the Thai court, Chinese authorities have continued their attempts to interfere with Thai sovereignty and have reportedly urged Thai authorities to deny legal recognition to Falun Gong.

“The actions of the Chinese regime represent unacceptable interference with the rights of foreign citizens to freely and peacefully exercise their spiritual beliefs,” says FDI spokesperson Levi Browde.

“We trust that the Thai government will defend the rights of its citizens against foreign interference, and hope more Thai citizens will have the opportunity to benefit from the practice of Falun Gong.”