Falun Gong Calls Chinese Regime’s Press Conference Denying Organ Extraction “Crude Shenanigans”

Beijing Encourages Inspection of Now-Empty Facility to Divert Attention from Concentration and Labor Camps Throughout China

NEW YORK (Falun Dafa Information Center) – Falun Dafa Information Center spokesperson Mr. Erping Zhang today described as “crude shenanigans” efforts by China’s communist authorities to cover up concentration camp killings of Falun Gong. The remarks were in response to a press conference organized by Chinese communist authorities Tuesday, meant to mitigate mounting international scrutiny.

At issue is a hospital facility in northeast China, in the Sujiatun district of Shenyang city. The facility has been used in recent years as a concentration camp for Falun Gong practitioners, holding upwards of several thousand at a time.

But evidence suggests that the Sujiatun camp has been emptied and sanitized. This is the reason China’s regime is encouraging investigation. Also, investigation of this camp would serve to divert attention from the many other camps of its kind that are still in full operation throughout China.

“Beginning three weeks ago,” stated Zhang, “investigators confirmed, via multiple sources, that the Chinese communist regime had already destroyed all evidence at the Sujiatun facility, and either shipped off the Falun Gong practitioners held there or killed them.” On April 6, the Information Center issued a detailed report to this effect.

According to investigators, many plain-clothed agents are now posing as local residents and taxi drivers in the Sujiatun area, feeding false information to investigators and journalists as part of what appears to be a skillful cover-up.

“Yesterday’s news conference is part of a slick, regrettable effort to whitewash the crimes committed at the camp. The real question is what is happening elsewhere now that Sujiatun has been sanitized?” stated Mr. Zhang. “This issue is not about one camp. What is the fate of the Falun Gong shipped off to dozens of other, similar camps throughout China? Amidst the mounting evidence and in the face of such grave allegations, it is the responsibility of the international community investigate.”

In reports from both AFP and AP filed Wednesday from Beijing, Chinese authorities make no mention of other concentration camps, focusing exclusively on Sujiatun.

“Was it so long ago that this regime hid SARS from the world with similar statements of denial, falsified reports and outright lying? If the Chinese regime is serious about investigating these matters,” Zhang said, “it must open the doors of all concentration and forced labor camps throughout the country, and allow in any and all investigation teams… not at specified locations and specified times, but anywhere and anytime.”