August 14, 2007: Falun Gong News Bulletin

Monitoring the Falun Gong Human Rights Crisis in China

Countdown to Olympics fails to stop killing in China
During the month of June the Falun Dafa Information Center received reports documenting the deaths of 20 Falun Gong adherents as a result of the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of the spiritual practice. Common torture methods that have led to these killings include electric shock, beatings, sexual torture, sleep deprivation for weeks, along with forced labor of as many as 20 hours a day and brainwashing sessions known euphemistically as “re-education.”

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Olympians, dignitaries commence Human Rights Torch Relay
As the one-year countdown to the Olympics began on August 9, the Global Human Rights Torch Relay lit its first flame in a ceremony in Greece, urging the international community to boycott the Beijing Olympics. In front of a large media gathering in Athens, Relay representatives announced their message: “Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot co-exist in China.” Olympic medalists, artists, and politicians are among the dignitaries joining the Relay, which is scheduled to travel through over 100 cities in 35 countries.

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Israel arrests men who mediated China organ transplants
“Four men accused of pocketing millions of dollars that patients had paid for organ transplants in Asia were arrested in Israel this week. The arrests followed months of investigation after the main suspect admitted to an Israeli newspaper that the organs were coming from Chinese death row inmates and prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners.”

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Gunman attacks Falun Gong adherent in Vancouver
At approximately 5:30am On August 2, three men attacked Raymond Zhang, who was sitting as usual outside the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver. The men began tearing down the signs that are part of the 24-hour vigil that the Falun Gong have maintained outside the consulate for six years. One of them then put a gun to Zhang’s head and repeatedly pulled the trigger on the unloaded weapon. They punched him in the face and head.

The incident is the most recent in a series of violent attacks on the Falun Gong outside of China. Since the persecution of Falun Gong in China began in 1999, adherents have also been beaten by apparent agents of the Chinese regime in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Berlin, among other cities. In South Africa in 2004, David Liang, a Falun Gong practitioner en route to serving Chinese officials with a lawsuit, was shot while driving.

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Taiwan Solidarity Union: Olympics a cover for abuses 
The Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), the Taiwanese ruling party’s ally, is accusing the Chinese communist regime of “using next year’s Olympics as a cover for human rights abuses. The TSU legislative caucus on Friday called for a boycott of Olympic merchandise. It also said Taiwan should have no part in the Olympic torch relay.

“According to TSU caucus whip Tseng Tsahn-deng, China had previously said holding the games would help improve the country’s human rights record. But Tseng said that human rights abuses – including the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners – were actually on the rise.

“’China got the Olympic games by deception. They were not sincere about improving human rights,’ Tseng said.”

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