The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Rewards Agencies and Individuals for Persecuting Falun Gong

Since July 1999, untold numbers of Falun Gong practitioners have been detained, imprisoned, and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The brutal treatment Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to is not isolated or random, but rather encouraged from the very top.

This article features agencies and individuals that were rewarded for their active participation in the persecution of Falun Gong. This is a systematic human rights violation instigated by the CCP through a nationwide persecution policy.

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

The now-defunct Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was a notorious facility in Liaoning Province in which Falun Gong practitioners were abused and tortured for their belief. It was recognized by the Central Organization Department and six other central agencies as an “Advanced Group in the Nationwide Battle Against Falun Gong.” It also received a “Collective First-Class” Award from the Ministry of Justice.

The Women’s Division, was recognized as the “Women’s Civilized Model Unit” in Shenyang City, the “national and provincial level Advanced Group in the Nationwide Battle Against Falun Gong,” the “Women’s Flag Unit,” and the “Advanced Group” in the national justice system. The provincial justice bureau gave it a “Collective Second-Class Award.” Su Jing, director of the Women’s Division, also received the following awards: “Outstanding Educator” from the Ministry of Justice, the Provincial “Women’s Flag Bearer,” the “Satisfactory Police Officer in the Provincial Justice System,” and “Excellent Officer in Liaoning Province.”

Officials declared that the mission of the camp was to force practitioners to renounce their belief, “Everyone has to be “transformed”—whether you agree or not.” All activities were undertaken to that end, leading to the development and implementation of around 100 methods of torture.

The torture practitioners were subject to included being forced to stand or squat for prolonged periods, stretched in a spread-eagle position, shocked with electric batons, slapped in the face, kicked, knocked against walls, and being beaten. Some were also force-fed, deprived of sleep, deprived of restroom use, denied family visits, subjected to brainwashing, and force-fed unknown drugs.

Female practitioners were also pushed in male cells to be gang-raped. Ms. Zou Guirong was transferred to several places within the labor camp, including being thrown into a male cell to be gang-raped. Nine female practitioners were put in male cells and abused. An unmarried girl who was raped became pregnant and later developed a mental disorder.

As a result of brainwashing and psychiatric abuse, 60 practitioners became mentally disordered.

The torture also took the lives of nearly 40 practitioners. Ms. Gao Rongrong was disfigured and later died. Ms. Wang Yunjie was shocked with electric batons, her breast festered, and she later died. Ms. Li Baojie was brutally force-fed and later died. Ms. Qin Qingfang was beaten to death. Mr. Zhao Fei was severely tortured and later died of blood cancer. Ms. Tian Shaoyan was stretched out in a spread-eagle position for a long time and died.

Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp

Because of its high rate of “transforming” practitioners (forcing them to give up their belief), the now-defunct Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province received a “Collective First-Class Award” from the Ministry of Justice. The locals often referred to the labor camp as “hell.”

During the period when former director Wang Peiyi and deputy director Wu Shiwang were in office, torturing practitioners was especially notorious. The facility had boasted over 100 electric batons and more than 50 types of torture. There was a secret torture room on the second floor known as the “Devil’s House” with soundproof walls. But practitioners were also tormented in other places, from office or duty rooms to warehouses, vegetable gardens, or farm fields.

Abuse also occurred at night, especially with female practitioners. Guards dragged them into a “jail in a jail,” pushed them into a “burial cave,” or connected them to an electrocution plate. The electrical shocks could be worse than dying. At least 7 practitioners died in the labor camp, and four ended up mentally disordered. Countless practitioners were injured and disabled in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

Torture Reenactment: Being shocked with electric batons.

For actively persecuting practitioners, Wang was given numerous awards.

Jinzhou Prison

Jinzhou Prison operates under the Prison Administration of Liaoning Province Justice Bureau. It often houses Falun Gong practitioners sentenced to over 10 years. Because its officials actively enact the persecution of Falun Gong, the prison has been recognized at the provincial and national levels. In 2008, the facility was praised by the Justice Ministry as a nationwide model prison. On July 22, 2013, it again received a Collective First-Class Award from the Ministry of Justice.

According to information from Minghui, several practitioners have lost their lives due to torture in the prison. They include Mr. Zhang Litian, Mr. Cui Zhilin, Mr. Xin Minduo, and others. Dozens of practitioners were injured or disabled in the prison. Nearly 100 officers and guards have participated in the torture, and the tragedy continues as many practitioners are still detained there.

Behind the Ministry of Public Security Awards

As mentioned above, many national awards were given to officers who abused their power and tortured and killed innocent people. The Public Security Ministry’s “Collective First-Class Award” is another such award.

He Yan was the director of Wuhan First Detention Center in Hubei Province beginning in June 2010. Within five months, at least 10 Falun Gong practitioners were admitted and detained there. Because of her active participation in the persecution of Falun Gong, she was given a “Collective First-Class Award” from the Ministry of Public Security.

The Shenyang First Detention Center is another recipient of the “Collective First-Class Award.” The detention center ruthlessly persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Wang Hong was shocked with electrical batons, scalded with boiling water, and had a water bottle inserted into her vagina. Ms. Song Caihong was tortured on a tiger bench, beaten while covered with a quilt, and forcibly injected with unknown drugs. Ms. Ma Xiaolian was handcuffed behind her back for a long time, force-fed highly concentrated salt water, and injected with unknown drugs. Ms. Hu Ying was force-fed, beaten, and had her hair pulled out. Ms. Wen Yingxin died of torture nine days after her arrest.

Many other practitioners were also abused in the facility. Ms. Liu Zhi was beaten, shocked with electric batons, locked to metal rings on the floor, had her legs pinched with priers, and force-fed unknown drugs. Ms. Du Yuhong was stripped, beaten, and force-fed. Ms. Niu Gufang was handcuffed tightly behind her back and force-fed. Ms. Zhao Shuyun was beaten, shocked with electric batons, handcuffed to a metal bed, forcibly injected with unknown drugs, and force-fed. Ms. Xing Anmei was beaten, handcuffed to metal rings on the floor, and force-fed drugs until she developed a mental disorder.

The Changchun Police Department also received a “Collective First-Class” Award. After Changchun police in Jilin Province arrested Mr. Yang Guang in November 2000, they took turns interrogating and torturing him. This included shocking him with electric batons for a long time, restraining him on a tiger bench, beating him with a metal bar, and handcuffing him behind his back and hanging him up while beating him. This sometimes went over 30-40 hours with no sleep. They also covered Mr. Yang’s head with a plastic bag and force-fed him alcohol.

To please higher officials, the police tortured Yang and pressured him to “admit” that he had been instructed by practitioners in Beijing and the U.S to organize activities. Once this was submitted to Luo and the Public Security Ministry, Changchun Police Department received a “Collective First-Class” Award.

Yang was sentenced to 15 years and sent to Jilin Prison in May 2002. By then he had become paralyzed and could not take care of himself. But the mistreatment continued until he died in August 2008. To cover up their crimes, officials cremated Yang’s body without his family’s consent.

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