Survivor Accounts

Much of the information regarding specific cases of torture and killing in custody that otherwise cannot be accessed comes from personal accounts of men and women who survived Chinese detention.

While some accounts remain anonymous, at great risk many survivors provide full details, including their own names, the names of police officers and other perpetrators (sometimes even their phone numbers), the time and place of abuses, the specific torture methods used, and so on; they also include detailed witness accounts of how other jailed Falun Gong were tortured and killed.

Here are three examples:

In other instances, survivors have gained asylum status or otherwise escaped China and are currently residing in the United States, Europe, Canada, Thailand, Australia and elsewhere. Examples of such individuals include:
  • He Lizhi, former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience living in Canada
  • Zhang Kunlun, Chinese art professor living in Canada
  • Charles Li, American doctor living in the United States
  • Zhang Cuiying, Chinese artist living in Australia

Several other survivor accounts were included in “Torture Outside the Olympic Villages: A Guide to China’s Labor Camps,” published recently by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong and available here.

One of the Infocenter’s regular tasks is facilitating interview arrangements for journalists and researchers with such survivors who are willing to recount their experiences, as well as assisting parties interested in arranging speaking engagements (contact).