Photographic Evidence

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, the Infocenter has accumulated extensive photographic evidence. These images were taken on regular cameras, hidden devices, and mobile phones. They include photos of police beating adherents on Tiananmen Square, detention facilities, adherents in jails and labor camps, injuries sustained by adherents, emaciated physiques of survivors, and the remains of those killed. The very graphic images are filed separately here. Another set of photos shows evidence of the violence perpetrated against female Falun Gong practitioners (here).

Two other kinds of Chinese image archives are available. The first is photographs documenting Falun Gong’s spread and popularity prior to the ban (coming soon). The second is photos in which torture survivors in China re-enact scenes of what they had suffered – these photos are very sensitive since the regime considers them subversive (coming soon).