Mr. Tian Fujin, 59, Inner Mongolia


Mr. Tian Fujin shortly before his death.

Mr. Tian Fujin shortly before his death.

Name: Tian Fujin (???)
Deputy director of Tongliao City Leather-Fur Factory
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
June 5, 2008
Date of Most Recent Release:
Died in Custody
Date of Death:
December 14, 2009
ce: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Address:  Third Yongqing Neighborhood, Apt. 01-036, Horqin District, Tongliao City

Most Recent Place of Detention:
Baoanzhao Prison in Zhalaite Prefecture (??????????????????)


Case Details:

Over the past ten years, Mr. Tian spent over seven years in detention, including two three-year labor camp terms. During this time he was severely abused, including one incident when he was shocked simultaneously with five electric batons.

On June 5, 2008, prior to the Olympics, police abducted Mr. Tian, his wife and daughter (who both practice Falun Gong) from their home. 

By the time they were put on “trial” on November 3, 2008, Mr. Tian was already emaciated, very weak, and not clear of mind. He was nonetheless “sentenced” following unfair proceedings to three years in a prison camp (his wife received a four-year sentence, his daughter a five-year term). During his 18 months in custody at Baoanzhao Prison, his family was denied the right to visit him.

On the morning of Dec 14, 2009, the prison authorities called his family to inform them that Mr. Tian was dying. They rushed to the prison and found him in a deep coma; he was taken to the hospital. He died at 10:45pm that evening and his body was immediately cremated.

The exact cause of death remains unknown, but the doctor mentioned that Mr. Tian was found to have extravasated blood in his brain.