Kunming Woman Continues to be Harassed after Illegal Incarceration

Ms. Tang Yu, a resident of Kunming City, Yunnan Province remains under constant surveillance and harassment after years of incarceration. Tang has been repeatedly arrested and beaten by the police, for upholding her faith in Falun Gong.

Tang began practice Falun Gong in 1996 and she credits the practice for improving her health and turning her into a more considerate person. Since the persecution started, she has been arrested several times for talking to people about Falun Gong and was beaten by the officers.

Following an arrest on September 30, 2011, the officers severely beat her while her hands were cuffed behind her back. Her entire body turned black and blue, her knees were swollen, and she was unable to sit or stand.

On September 1, 2013, Tang was arrested and beaten again. She struggled  against nine officers for an hour before being pushed into a police car. In the car, one of the officers pushed her head down and another stepped on her feet.

Tang’s next arrest was on August 18, 2015, after she was reported for distributing Falun Gong informational materials. The police handcuffed her hands behind her back and severely beat her. She was released at 6 p.m. the same day.

Tang was arrested again on October 27, 2015. One of her right ribs was broken as a result of the police beating. Many of her personal belongings were confiscated by the police. She was released on October 29.

A month later, on November 26, the police arrested her once more and took her to the Yongchang Police Station. During the 12-hour detention there, the police beat her, taped her mouth, and cuffed her hands to a chair. She was not given any food nor allowed to sleep.

On the same day of her arrest, the Kunming City Intermediate Court sentenced her to four years and sent her to the Xishan District Detention Center.

Tang appealed the verdict but to no avail. A year later, she was transferred to the Yunnan Province No.2 Women’s Prison. The guards confiscated all the daily necessities she brought with her from the detention center. They also attempted to make her write statements renouncing Falun Gong. When she refused to write, the guards ordered other inmates to write the statements for her and forced her to sign it.

Tang was also made to do unpaid labor every day. If she could not finish the required quota, she would be forced to stand for long hours.

Tang was the only child of her parents. After witnessing numerous home ransackings  and grieved by her imprisonment, Tang’s father passed away in the winter of 2015. The police continued to harass Tang’s mother and forced her to write a resignation letter for her daughter to her daughter’s workplace. The elderly woman health declined from constantly being consumed by the terror and pressure, and she passing away not long after.

Before  Tang was forced to resign from her job, she had worked for a total of 32 years and paid into her social security for 27 of those years. She would be entitled to a 900 yuan pension each month if she retired at 50. But with her forced resignation, she had to pay for additional social security insurance for five more years to receive her pension.

Since her release on May 26, 2019, the police have continued to monitor her life. They not only order her to frequently report to the police station, but also come to her home often to check her phone call records, to see whether she is still contacting other Falun Gong practitioners.

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By a Minghui correspondent in Yunnan Province, China