Falun Dafa Greatly Improves Health: Survey of over 6,000 Cultivators in Dalian, Liaoning Province

Over 6,000 Falun Dafa practitioners in Dalian, China were surveyed. All reported significant health improvement. Of those with one or more medical conditions, over 99.8% reported improvements. Symptoms either improved or totally disappeared. Both mental and physical functions and quality of life improved dramatically. Even the aging process slowed down.

In February 1998, a health status survey was conducted involving 6478 Falun Dafa practitioners residing in the Dalian area of China. Among the surveyed population, 6192 (95.59%) of them suffered various diseases and medical conditions of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, urogenital system, haemic and immune system or musculoskeletal system. The participants in the survey had practiced Falun Dafa for an average of 1.8 years, for an average of 2 hours every day.

Of the surveyed population, 92% reported total disappearance of the symptoms, 7.74% observed moderate improvement, only 0.14% saw no obvious improvement. The disease recovery rate shows no major difference among practitioners with multiple illnesses or with a single illness, which are 89.73% and 88.83% respectively. The study also noticed that the longer the person had been practicing, the higher the recovery rate was. The recovery rate for practitioners of 2, 3, 4 years were 91.24%, 92.45%, 95.96% respectively, which may suggest that the longer one practices, the better the result.

It is very interesting to note that those who achieved the best results didn’t use any medical treatment at all. They did not use alternative medicine or take vitamin or mineral supplements or other natural health products. The practitioners regarded such products as useless and perhaps even causing a disturbance to their health improvement process.

Falun Dafa practice claims huge economical savings result from dramatically reduced healthcare utilization. According to the survey, the annual medical expense per person dropped 2,408.83 yuan after starting to practice. Given the fact that 62.1% of the survey population is at the age (from 50 to 71) when multiple diseases are prevalent, the potential saving figure could be much higher.

The majority of the practitioners reported obvious improvement in their overall physical and mental well being including increased physical vitality and mobility, less fatigue after physical activities, better memory, improved vision and hearing, better appetite and sleep, higher self-perceived health and virtually no signs of stress, anxiety or depression.

If 92% of a population showed total disappearance of symptoms and if only 0.14% showed no obvious improvement, one can easily understand why Falun Dafa practitioners want to continue practicing and why Jiang Zemin must act as he does. No one would voluntarily choose sickness, disease and death. A person has to be brutally and violently tortured to do something that makes so little sense.