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UC Berkeley Student Testifies Family’s Persecution in China

Dear Reader,A SENIOR AT UC BERKELEY SPEAKS OUT about her parents' torture under the Chinese Communist Party regime. Meet Minghui Wang… Read More

2 weeks ago

Vital Trial in Hong Kong; Australian Family Rallies to Save Mother

Dear Reader,ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TRIALS OF THE YEAR for religious liberty in Hong Kong. Rallies to save Chinese teacher Jiang Yongqin… Read More

1 month ago

Real Estate Sales Manager Jailed for Practicing Falun Gong, Killed in 16 Months

A former journalist and real estate sales manager from Baoding city in Hebei province, Mr. Yang Zhixiong was arrested for… Read More

1 month ago

New Chinese Agency Targeting Falun Gong with “Torture Kits”

Dear Reader,IMAGINE THE POLICE BREAK INTO YOUR HOME, abduct you, and then sentence you to four years in prison for possessing a… Read More

2 months ago

Rally and Parade in Washington D.C. Marks 23 Years of Courage Against the Persecution

For the past 23 years, on the week of July 20, people from around the world silently march from National… Read More

2 months ago

Lawmakers & Experts Urge Genocide Designation, Policy Inclusion

Dear Reader,JULY RECORDED SEVERAL MILESTONES for policymakers and China experts in the Falun Gong issue. Over a dozen lawmakers in the United… Read More

2 months ago

Single Mother of U.S. Citizen Abducted; Transnational Repression Threat

Dear Reader, SEVEN DAYS AGO, a single mother of two U.S. citizens was arrested in Hunan province. July 7, 2022 marks the… Read More

3 months ago

Mother of Steven Wang

Steven Wang, a principal dancer in New York, remembers when he received news of his father's passing in 2009. His… Read More

3 months ago

Civil Disobedience

Key Statistics Related to Falun Gong. Read More

3 months ago

Evidence of Forced Organ Harvesting, West Complicit?

Dear Reader,1000 DAYS IN DETENTION FOR PRACTICING FALUN GONG. That's how long Mrs. Zhang Ping, who now lives in Canada, was… Read More

4 months ago