Personal Accounts

These are a small sampling of testimonies from people who have lived through the persecution in China.

Survivor of China’s Wanjia Labour Camp Lands in Canada Today After Emergency Rescue Effort

Ms. Yuzhi Wang has been incarcerated in China’s notoriously brutal Wanjia Labour Camp, where, preliminary reports say, she faced brutal torture and witnessed horrific scenes. But yesterday, thanks to an around-the-clock emergency rescue effort by practitioners, supporters and government officials in Canada, she has been rescued to Canada from the Middle East, and landed in Vancouver yesterday.

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63-Year-old Woman Left to Die on the Street by Chinese Police

Witnesses say that a local egg seller found Ms. Guo Xiumei kneeling on the pavement on the Southwest Road of Huaiyang County Xiguan Health Bureau in the early morning hours of September 23rd. Doubled over from pain, her face black and blue with one eye punctured, she clutched her stomach. The egg seller called for the police.

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Shenli Lin: Unbreakable Spirit

With only the sounds of their footsteps, the police escorted Shenli Lin and his wife Jinyu hand in hand down the hall to the top of the stairs. Jinyu wasn’t allowed to go any further. Shenli turned his head and smiled goodbye. He walked down the stairs and out to a waiting police car. The police loaded him in. Jinyu stared from their living room window, not realizing that it would be two years before she would see her husband again….

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Falun Gong Man Defies Campaign to Strip Citizens of Their Beliefs

Kidnapped by security guards from his former work place and sent to a labor camp, a retiree, who was forcibly “converted” to not practice Falun Gong while in police custody, returned to Tiananmen Square shortly after being released to openly declare to the Chinese government his belief in Falun Gong and appeal for an end to the persecution campaign. He was immediately detained again and suffered severe torture for three months before dying in August of this year.

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