Mr. Feng Qi, 48, Anhui

Name: Feng Qi (??)
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Address: Sanshitou Town, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 1, 2008
Date of Most Recent Release: March 1, 2011
Date of Death: July 31, 2011
Province: Anhui
City: Suzhou
Town: Sanshitou
Most Recent Place of Detention: Suzhou No. 3 Prison.

Case Details:

Mr. Feng Qi was abducted on March 1, 2008. Police ransacked his home, confiscated a computer and motorcycle and sent him to Changfeng County Detention Center. He was released from detention three years later on March 1, 2011. Unable to recover from injuries sustained due to torture, Mr. Feng died on July 31.

Mr. Feng was initially placed in a re-education through camp, but was then transferred to the Suzhou Number 3 Prison. He was forced to watch slanderous videos about Falun Gong and given one-third of the daily amount of food allotted to criminal inmates.  Prolonged torture with electric batons permanently disabled Mr. Feng, causing extensive swelling in his abdomen, as well as cirrhosis of the liver and edema.

Prison officials denied his family’s requests for medical parole. When his sentence expired, 610 Office agents continued to harass him until his death five months late.