Human Rights Dialogue with Chinese Officials Must Raise Falun Gong Publicly

WASHINGTON DC — While the Falun Dafa Information Center welcomes any constructive discussion aimed at ending human rights abuses in China, we caution against the exclusive use of private meetings with Chinese officials. Such meetings almost never yield any real progress, and certainly not in terms of Falun Gong.

?Falun Gong constitutes tens of millions of heartland Chinese and the largest group of prisoners of conscience in China today. (report) Therefore, No discussion of human rights in China can be complete without addressing the Chinese Communist Party’s repression of Falun Gong.

Indeed, this persecution, which has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, illegally held in labor and prison camps throughout China, has no place in the modern world. This must be made clear to the Chinese officials during any dialogue, but we encourage this be done openly and publicly so the substance of the discussion is in the public domain.