Falun Gong Around the World

On May 13, 1992, in a humble schoolhouse in northeastern China, Mr. Li Hongzhi began teaching Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa), introducing to modern China a practice with roots extending back thousands of years. By early 1999, there were 70 to 100 million people practicing Falun Gong in China alone, their slow-moving meditative exercises visible at dawn in parks across the country.

Eighteen years later, Falun Gong has transcended cultural and national boundaries to bring physical health, joy, and peace of mind to millions of others around the globe. From Cape Town to Cannes, Bangledesh to Berlin, Tel Aviv to Tehran, Falun Gong is practiced in over 100 countries, its teachings freely available in 30 languages. Even under harsh persecution, tens of millions in China continue to practice.

CHINA: Practitioners take a photo together after practicing in Wuhan, China prior to July 1999

CHINA: Group practice site in Guangzhou, China in 1998

TAIWAN: One thousand local practitioners demonstrate the sitting meditation exercise at the opening ceremony of a sports festival in 2004 at the invitation of the Tainan Municipal Sports commission

TAIWAN: Falun Gong practitioners meditate during a Falun Dafa Youth Camp held at National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology in 2007

UNITED STATES: Practitioners hold a large group meditation session in front of San Francisco’s City Hall

ISRAEL: Young Israelis perform the standing meditation exercise during a workshop on the shores of the Sea of Galillee

UGANDA: Practitioners in Uganda study Falun Gong’s teachings together after finishing the exercises

ETHIOPIA: Falun Gong practitioners in Ethiopia practice the exercises together

ARGENTINA: Morning practice site in Argentina

INDIA: Teachers and students at an elementary school in Bangalore, India perform the first of the Falun Gong exercises

INDONESIA: Indonesian Falun Gong practitioners hold a parade and group meditation session along the beach in Bali in celebration of World Falun Dafa Day

ITALY: Practitioners do the exercises at the foot of Grand Paradise Mountain

FRANCE: Falun Gong adherents practice meditation in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, silently protesting for the end of persecution in China

POLAND: Group practice at Peace Square in Warsaw

HUNGARY: Practitioners perform the standing meditation exercise together