Compassion Magazine 2010

Table of Contents

I. Analysis

  1. Falun Gong Persecution and Activism in China Today
  2. Misunderstanding Falun Gong and the Human Costs of Getting it Wrong by Levi Browde
  3. Jailed for their Beliefs: How Falun Gong Became China’s Largest Group of Prisoners of Conscience
  4. Falun Gong’s Peaceful Resistance: A Grassroots Movement Like No Other by Caylan Ford
  5. Why Haven’t I Heard About This? Media and New Religious Movements: the Case of Falun Gong by Leeshai Lemish
  6. Silent Summer: An American student at the ‘MIT of China’ discovers Falun Gong in 1999, before it was persecuted by Matt Kutolowski (coming soon)

II. The Basics

  1. Falun Gong Beliefs and Demographics
  2. Falun Gong Around the World (Photo Gallery) (coming soon)
  3. Origins: How the Persecution Started
  4. Key Statistics Related to Falun Gong
  5. An Occurrence on Fuyou Street (Excerpts): The Real Story Behind Falun Gong’s Beijing Appeal on April 25, 1999 by Ethan Gutmann (coming soon)


III. Third Party Reports

  1. United Nations
  2. Amnesty International
  3. Freedom House
  4. Chinese Human Rights Defenders
  5. Human Rights Watch
  6. Chinese Human Rights Lawyers
  7. International Legal Developments: Landmark Indictments of Top CCP Officials for Torture, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide 
  8. U.S. House Resolution 605 (full text) and Quotes from the Floor Debate
  9. Falun Gong in the News: Selected Excerpts from Recent Mainstream Media Coverage
  10. Forced Organ Removal from Falun Gong Prisoners of Conscience


IV. First Hand Accounts from China

  1. Deaths Due to Torture in Custody
  2. Transformation and Brainwashing
  3. Torture and Other Forms of Inhumane Treatment 
  4. Large Scale Abductions and Imprisonment
  5. Restrictions on Free Speech