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  • 2017/07/31

    The shocking reenactments of torture in front of Pennsylvania Station in New York and the Chinese Embassy in London publicly make the point: Falun Gong, a popular spiritual movement brutally suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party, is effectively waging its...
  • 2017/07/30

    Government officials in China say U.S. lawmakers are fabricating accusations that the country is harvesting organs from its prisoners. On the heels of Monday’s White House Organ Summit, several congressional lawmakers passed a resolution in the U.S. House condemning these acts....
  • 2017/06/05

    Associated Press [embed]http://faluninfo.net/associated-press-falun-gong-crackdown-highlights-religious-freedom-issue-in-china-excerpt/[/embed] Newsweek [embed]http://faluninfo.net/is-china-still-harvesting-organs-from-its-political-prisoners/[/embed] The Diplomat [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-organ-transplant-problem/[/embed] Forbes [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-fight-with-falun-gong/[/embed] New York Times [embed]http://faluninfo.net/china-still-presses-crusade-against-falun-gong/[/embed] New York Post [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-long-history-harvesting-organs-living-political-foes/[/embed] Boston Globe [embed]http://faluninfo.net/two-movies-china-desperately-wants-hide/[/embed] Fox [embed]http://faluninfo.net/china-ramps-persecution-christians-religious-groups-report-finds/[/embed] National Post  [embed]http://faluninfo.net/the-butchers-of-beijing/[/embed]
  • 2017/05/12

    A Chinese-Canadian businesswoman who practices Falun Gong has been held against her will by the Beijing security apparatus since February. Sun Qian, 51, is the vice president of Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd., a company she co-founded with her husband...
  • 2011/10/13

    Huang Shan is a handsome 25-year-old man with a gentle appearance. It is hard to imagine that he narrowly escaped death only a couple of years ago. Before even reaching his prime, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He then encountered...
  • 2010/01/12

  • 2008/08/18

  • 2008/06/15

    Books and notepads overflow off the desk to the chairs and floor in her small office in New York City –subtle deliberate organization evident among the mountains of files and notes. She works in a small team, usually without funding...

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