Investigative Reporting

  • 2018/09/02

    Severe abuses continue in China's organ transplant system—including the sourcing of organs from prisoners of conscience on a large scale—despite Chinese government assertions of reform, finds a new study by the China Organ Harvest Research Center. The report was released at...
  • 2017/07/30

    International concern over China’s system of human organ transplantation has been expressed for decades. Over the last several years, the Chinese authorities report working hard to build a voluntary organ transplant system. Last month a top transplant official, speaking at...
  • 2017/06/05

    Associated Press [embed]http://faluninfo.net/associated-press-falun-gong-crackdown-highlights-religious-freedom-issue-in-china-excerpt/[/embed] Newsweek [embed]http://faluninfo.net/is-china-still-harvesting-organs-from-its-political-prisoners/[/embed] The Diplomat [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-organ-transplant-problem/[/embed] Forbes [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-fight-with-falun-gong/[/embed] New York Times [embed]http://faluninfo.net/china-still-presses-crusade-against-falun-gong/[/embed] New York Post [embed]http://faluninfo.net/chinas-long-history-harvesting-organs-living-political-foes/[/embed] Boston Globe [embed]http://faluninfo.net/two-movies-china-desperately-wants-hide/[/embed] Fox [embed]http://faluninfo.net/china-ramps-persecution-christians-religious-groups-report-finds/[/embed] National Post  [embed]http://faluninfo.net/the-butchers-of-beijing/[/embed]
  • 2017/05/31

    As part of its 2017 Annual Report, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom summarizes the conditions of believers in nearly 30 countries and territories. In its section on China, authors briefly outline the status of Christians, Uighur Muslims,...
  • 2009/08/30

    Investigating abuses against Falun Gong inside China is a challenging and dangerous activity. Among the foreign journalists who have conducted such investigations, most have themselves been threatened and pressured by Chinese officials. Some have been arrested, physically assaulted (link) or...

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