Persecution Exported to the West

Chinese Thug Arrested for Hate Crime Against Falun Gong in New York City

A man was charged with a hate crime for attacking multiple Falun Gong information booths in New York over a… Read More

4 months ago

French Ministry of Armed Forces: CCP’s Extensive Overseas Influence Operations Target Falun Gong

The French Military School Strategic Research Institute (IRSEM), an esteemed military school under the French Ministry of Armed Forces, recently… Read More

9 months ago

Parents of Dr. Sherry Zhang

Dr. Sherry Zhang is an elite scientist, principal of a private school, and a veteran practitioner of Falun Dafa. Despite… Read More

11 months ago

Knife-wielding Assailants Attack Falun Gong Information Booths in Hong Kong

In what appears to be a coordinated attack across several locations, assailants wielding knives and spray paint attacked Falun Gong… Read More

1 year ago

Popular Hong Kong Show Host Threatened for Exposing Organ Harvesting

Based on an original report from Hong Kong current affairs show host Rachel Wong was recently threatened by police… Read More

1 year ago

The Blacklisted: Award-Winning Documentary now available on Faluninfo TV

An award-winning documentary movie about group of Falun Gong practitioners from Serbia and other European countries facing harassment and arbitrary… Read More

2 years ago

News Outlets in Argentina Offered Cash to Publish Articles Defaming Falun Gong

April 27, 2020 In early April, individuals believed to be working on behalf of the Chinese government tried to pay several… Read More

2 years ago

Political in the West?

Over the past year, a few media outlets have published stories about the Epoch Times newspaper, alleging the paper is… Read More

2 years ago

How China Leads a Campaign of Censorship and Intimidation Throughout the West (excerpt)

For the past few years, one foreign government, an autocratic adversary in all but name, has jailed the families of… Read More

4 years ago

Chinese Influence at All Levels of Australian Politics, Says Clive Hamilton

One of Australia’s most prominent public intellectuals, Charles Sturt University professor Clive Hamilton, claims the Chinese Communist Party is inserting… Read More

5 years ago