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News Bulletins


January 14, 2011: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Retired Accountant and National Model Worker Killed Within Weeks of Abduction for Practicing Falun Gong * FDIC case update: Family of Practitioner Imprisoned for Meeting with EU Official Denied Access * Deutsche-Presse Agenteur: Eyewitness says Falun Gong practitioners a majority in Beijing Women's Labor camp * Freedom House: Falun Gong practitioners targeted for crackdown in 2010 * Global Voices: Falun Gong among terms censored in new text message controls * Associated Press: Gao Zhisheng described torture before disappearing * Jakarta Globe: After Fleeing China, Falun Gong Practitioners Find Safety in Indonesia, Though Worries and Wishes Remain


December 6, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Urgent Appeal: 25-year-old Woman Unable to Walk from Sexual Abuse in Hebei Labor Camp * FDIC: Elderly Falun Gong Practitioner Dies at Labor Camp within Days of Arrival * Wall Street Journal: Chinese Twitter Clone Rejecting Falun Gong Messages * U.S. State Department: 2010 Religious Freedom report cites ongoing persecution, torture of Falun Gong practitioners * Wired: Digital Weapons Help Dissidents Punch Holes in China’s Great Firewall * The Epoch Times: Capricious Singaporean Laws Used to Target Meditator * The Epoch Times: Six thousand Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners form golden lotus flower


November 3, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin on Events inside China

* FDIC: Internal Communist Party Documents Disclose New Campaign to Forcibly "Transform" Millions of Falun Gong Practitioners in China * Amnesty International Urgent Action: Falun Gong Practitioner At Risk of Torture: Qiao Yongfang * Congressional-Executive Commission on China: Annual Report cites crackdown on Falun Gong surrounding Shanghai 2010 World Expo * FDIC: Photos Smuggled from China Show Bloated Falun Gong Practitioner Shortly Before Death * FDIC: After Eight Years of Torture, Falun Gong Practitioner Dies under Mysterious Circumstances * FDIC: Elementary School Teacher Tortured to Death Within One Month of Detention * FDIC: Gao Zhisheng Interviewee Dies Due to Torture, Photo Shows Emaciated Body


September 22, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Falun Gong Practitioner Dies in Custody Eight Days after Abduction * FDIC: Hunan Police Beat Local Businessman to Death within Days of Detention * FDIC: Sent to Prison Camp for Ten Years, Falun Gong Practitioner Dies from Torture * Human Rights in China: Lawyer Barred from Representing Client by “6-10” Agents * Wall Street Journal blog: Falun Gong among topics barred from citizen questions to Party leaders * The Epoch Times: Photo Gallery: Falun Gong in Manhattan


August 5: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Eleven Years of Persecution and Peaceful Activism * The Epoch Times: Congressmen Call for End to 11-Year Persecution of Falun Gong * The Washington Times: Media mum on Falun Gong - as persecution escalates * FDIC: Elderly Falun Gong Practitioner Killed in Beijing Labor Camp * FDIC: Urgent Appeal: Father of Washington DC Resident Faces Trial in China for Defending Falun Gong * Tibetan Review: Rights lawyers' licenses not renewed * The Epoch Times: Uyghur Organ Harvesting Witness Faces Deportation to China


June 24, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: "Falun Gong Practitioner Tortured to Death in Henan Prison Camp" * Chinese Human Rights Defenders: Democracy Activist Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Distributing Falun Gong CDs * New Tang Dynasty Television: Imprisoned mother of San Diego resident denied medical parole * U.S. Government: Ambassador's Statement at United Nations Human Rights Council mentions Falun Gong * World Affairs Journal: Hacker Nation: China's Cyber Assault, by Ethan Gutmann * The Epoch Times: Falun Dafa Association in Taiwan sues paper that printed forged announcement from Falun Gong founder


June 1, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* FDIC: Rape, Beatings and Betrayal Typify “Transformation” of Former Top Student * FDIC: High School Student Harassed, Threatened after Internet Posting about Falun Gong * FDIC: Amnesty International Issues Urgent Action for Missing Shanghai Falun Gong Practitioner * Amnesty International: Annual Report cites "intensified" persecution of Falun Gong in 2009 * Radio Free Asia: Lawyer who took Falun Gong cases barred from going abroad * New Tang Dynasty Television: Chinese activists express admiration for Falun Gong's resilience amidst suppression * The Epoch Times: South Korea: Two Chinese Men Convicted in Falun Gong Assault * The Ottawa Citizen: It's offensive for mayor to deny Falun Dafa Day


May 13, 2010: Falun Gong News Bulletin

* May 13: Millions Worldwide Celebrate * FDIC: Shanghai Expo Fuels Falun Gong Crackdown, Over 120 Abductions * FDIC: Personal Stories Behind the Shanghai Expo Crackdown * FDIC: Eighth Falun Gong Practitioner Involved in Changchun TV Broadcasts Dies in Custody * Associated Press: 2 China rights lawyers slapped with lifetime ban * New York Times: Chinese Rights Lawyer Disappears Again * FDIC: Human Rights Dialog with Chinese Officials Must Raise Falun Gong Publicly * Washington Post: The Mystery of Falun Gong * The Epoch Times: World Falun Dafa Day Celebrations Begin


Falun Gong News Bulletin: April 29, 2010

Annual Report Details Lawlessness and Brutality for Tens of Millions Elderly Falun Gong Practitioner Jailed for Handing Out Fliers Dies in Chinese Prison Camp New York Times: 2 Chinese Lawyers Are Facing Disbarment for Defending Falun Gong Washington Times: Chinese accused of vast trade in organs CBC News: Falun Gong members seek right to sue Chinese officials

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