Worldwide Impact


Worldwide impact

Falun Gong is a practice widely known to improve health and turn people’s hearts towards kindness and integrity. This is why people in over 70 countries have taken it up. Meanwhile, when the world’s second largest economy is persecuting tens of millions of innocent citizens, this has far reaching reverberations within Chinese society and around the globe.


Critical Questions on China for U.S. Presidential Candidates

NEW YORK -- Recent in-depth analysis of the current political turmoil in China demonstrates that the systematic persecution of Falun Gong has divided the Communist Party leadership at the highest levels, with far-reaching ramifications throughout China and beyond (analysis). At the same time, an explosive new video details how, for the past ten years, Chinese military hospitals have been operating a multi-million dollar human trafficking business that murders Chinese citizens to sell their organs –what renowned human rights lawyer David Matas dubbed "a new form of evil on this planet." (video online)


Where Do Your Chopsticks Come From?

Wooden chopsticks are a cornerstone of Chinese takeout in cities across the world. Unfortunately, they’re also a regular feature in testimonies of Falun Gong practitioners who fled China after being imprisoned in one of the country’s many labor camps.


Think You’re Safe from the Hazards of Repression in China? Think Again.

Sitting on the back porch of my Albuquerque home, nestled in the soft light of the American Southwest, I casually put down my newspaper, looked at my son playing with his toy train and suddenly realized: China’s corruption could kill him.


What You Should Know About Doing Business in China...

In business, knowledge can be as critical to success as capital, sometimes more so. Know your business. Know your competition. Know your market. Most importantly—know your risks. When it comes to doing business in China, there’s one key area of knowledge most people miss, but that can have a lasting impact on China operations: Falun Gong.


Making Sense of Today’s China

Ask a China watcher what the five most critical factors to understanding China are and you will hear a range of responses. Economic growth. Rampant corruption. The gap between rich and poor. Communist Party infighting. And so on. But in most cases, something will be missing from the analysis. Something 100-million-people big. Something that, once understood, can fundamentally change how we think about China and, as importantly, how we engage with it. That something is Falun Gong.

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