Key Events


Key Events


Abductions, Long Prison Sentences for Falun Gong ahead of Party Congress

Throughout China, citizens who practice Falun Gong have faced a new round of intensified persecution in recent months as the Communist Party prepares for its 18th Party Congress on November 8. Practitioners and human rights lawyers in China have reported increased abductions to brainwashing centers, torture, long prison terms, and greater pressure on those in detention to "transform."


Villagers across China petition for release of Falun Gong practitioners

A growing number of ordinary people across China have signed their names to petitions calling on the government to release a neighbor abducted and imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong or otherwise redress an injustice against them. The Falun Dafa Information Center is aware of at least 19 such petitions initiated over the past three years, but the phenomenon has gained remarkable momentum since early 2011.

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