Propaganda Overseas


In addition to carrying out an intensive anti-Falun Gong propaganda campaign within China's borders, a central strategy of the Chinese Communist Party has been to plant seeds of misinformation and even hate incitement abroad. The following are analysis and news pieces addressing the details of how this strategy has been implemented within both overseas Chinese communities and mainstream Western society.


Did the Chinese Regime Take New York City Media for a Ride?

This was a trap from the beginning, and most media walked right into it.


Chinese Agents Send New Round of Fraudulent Emails to Western Governments, NGOs

A new round of fraudulent emails was sent from suspected Chinese agents to elected officials, journalists and NGOs in Canada, the United States, France and Norway earlier this month. The emails’ senders deceptively claim to be representatives of the Falun Dafa Information Center, and the content of the messages is crafted to portray Falun Gong as bizarre, threatening, intolerant, and otherwise undeserving of sympathy or respect.


Ten Things to Know about China as Hu Jintao Arrives in the United States

On the eve of Chinese leader Hu Jintao’s arrival in the United States for a state visit, the Falun Dafa Information Center urges the media, human rights groups, the American public, and especially, U.S. officials meeting with the delegation, to keep the following ten facts about China at the forefront of their minds.


Why Haven't I Heard About This? Media and New Religious Movements: the Case of Falun Gong

‘Why haven’t I heard about this?’ is a question Falun Gong practitioners and their supporters have heard people outside China ask again and again as they share with others the details of the scale and brutality of the campaign against the group. In this piece, Leeshai Lemish looks at the coverage of Falun Gong in international media and why it remains today one of the worst human rights crises you’ve never heard of.


Misleading the Masses

If you have colleagues, friends or classmates from Mainland China, there’s a chance they have told you no students died in Tiananmen Square in 1989, or perhaps that repression in Tibet is a lie cooked up by the Western journalists, and that the Dalai Lama is an insidious terrorist. And you may have reeled in awe at how otherwise intelligent people living in a land where information flows freely could be so tragically misled.


Arthur Waldron: The Falun Gong Factor

The excessive caution many people show with respect to Falun Gong has the same source as the non-appearance of politicians when the Dalai Lama visits. That source is fear of what the Chinese authorities may do to them. For an American like myself, probably the worst possible is a harassing phone call from the Chinese embassy or denial of a visa. Since my research is about China, I value the opportunity to go there. But I do not believe that a free person in a free country should act differently than they would be inclined to, out of fear of a foreign autocracy. But many do.


The Labeling of Falun Gong

“Isn’t the group a little… well, weird? I mean, I know it’s awful what’s happening to them in China and all, but…” quipped Paula. Having studied Falun Gong and its suppression, I saw in Paula’s suspicion toward the practice the culmination of a nasty political campaign born in Beijing. Her suspicion was engineered, you might even say. It wasn’t an unmediated, raw response to her encounter with Falun Gong only hours before. In fact, it had nothing to do with anything the group had done or said; she hadn’t spoken with any of them or taken their literature.


Confessions of a Chinese Consular Official

Former Senior Diplomat from China Testifies before Congress "I testify today regarding how the Chinese missions abroad, and specifically in Australia, carry out their policy of persecuting Falun Gong adherents. In each Chinese mission overseas there must be at least one official in charge of Falun Gong affairs. The head and the deputy head of the mission will be responsible for the Falun Gong affairs."


Falun Gong Techie Beaten and Bound in Atlanta Home; Computers Stolen

The Falun Dafa Information Center has learned that Falun Gong practitioner Peter Yuan Li was assaulted and robbed by armed Asian men yesterday in his Atlanta home. Li is an information technology specialist who has been active in Falun Gong human rights advocacy over the past six years.

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